Sunday, April 23, 2006


What big oeuvre you have, Mr. Mehta

Not only has Neel Mehta invented the art form of 55-fiction-Friday, but he has written and posted a 55 word short story every week for the past year. (Could this be the source of his blog name, "Brevity is Wit"?)

But as too often happens to artists, his imitators seem to be soaking up the lion's share of recognition!

Go recognize him. He has even provided a helpful index.

WORD VERIFICTIONARY FOOTNOTE: After complimenting Neel on his artistry, I got this word verification on his blog comments--

jeohs: the obligatory expressions of humility to be uttered in response to a compliment.

I would like to point out that the story "guideline" for Looney Lab's "Nanofictionary" is also 55 words. Coincidence? (just remember: Duct tape saves the day)

wrknenff - (workin'-en'-off) what you do with extra donuts that you've consumed: "I ate too much yesterday, now I'm going to the gym and wrknenff."
Thank you very much for the continued recognition. First the Word Verifictionary title, then the Blog of the Week, and now this. It's almost as if you want me to get some of those 300 law students a day.

Wendy: probably not a coincidence. I didn't invent 55 Fiction; the New Times of San Luis Obispo, CA did. I only invented 55 Fiction Friday.

qpheef (CUE-feef): a stage direction to introduce Scott, a cat burglar who comes at night to steal dentures.
All the better to regale you with.
"Brevity is Wit" is one of my favorites. Thanks for introducing us to Neel and his concise word wit.

from my comment section:

lonnflk (lawn flick)-- You know you're at the cool neighbor's house (and that it's summer!) when you're invited to their outdoor BBQ & Movie Party. The movie? It's projected onto the side of their house, and starts at 9:00PM. (When it's dark.)

this comment's VW:

issay--"That is to say" just takes too long to say.
I was just over one of my other favorite blogs, I Am Prepared to Give Up at Any Time, and he wrote his first 55.

In addition to being very talented, Neel is very popular. Issay, quite the celebrevity blogger.

qiliax-- A laxative formulated specifically for porcupines.
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