Monday, March 06, 2006


Blog of the Week: Brevity is Wit

I can't allow this to go on any longer. I demand that everyone who reads this post go read Neel Mehta's blog, Brevity is Wit. Please, do it now. I mean now.

Read a post and leave a comment. If you're not fully satisfied that Brevity is worth your while, then don't go back. But I think you'll like it.

Neel is a frequent commenter on this blog. Does he ever complain about how I never comment on his blog? Does he ever put self-promoting links in the comments here?

No, he's a gentleman. And brief. And witty. He just goes about his business, making clever comments on other blogs while compiling a consistently clever, entertaining, crisply written -- and yes -- witty bunch of posts on his own blog, which is closing in on its 1-year anniversary.

Neel has a couple of particularly delightful regular features, 55 Fiction Friday and the monthly Fictional Speaker series.

Neel is not obsessive enough to have a hit counter, so I don't know what kind of traffic he gets. But there are not enough comments over there, which is a crying shame. Come on, people, let's get busy!

Thank you so much for the plug. I should admit that while I don't monitor blog traffic, I am somewhat obsessive about gaining and keeping readership. If a few readers of your blog happen to spill over to mine, I'd love it.

cwndrdl (cow-en-DREI-del): the latest game craze sweeping Jewish farms.
Okay, I went. I liked. Like I don't have enough blogs to read.

xrhzetjf (Sir HizetJeff): The hip-hop member of the Round Table.
I find him so funny that I generally don't comment. I'm easily intimidated that way.

ybrti: I don't know what it means, but there are 55 results for it on Google.
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