Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Inaugural Wednesday Word Verifictionary Contest

And the winner is...

Aging Law Student
mjzrn: (my-jeezer-on); slang for intense religious worship; "I'm getting 'mjzrn."

Runner ups:

Sleep Goblin
jndlayms (gin-lay-ums) - pj's designed specifically for laying around and drinking gin.

Neel Mehta
wvlsm ("WEE-vil-some"): like a weevil.

kckihvli ("kick-ee-heh-VAH-lee"): a toddler always able to kick you where it causes the most pain.

otuhg -- ("Oh, too, gee ...") That initial, split-second, rise-fall reaction you have -- sometimes aloud, sometimes not -- to someone else doing that clever thing you were just about to do. Perhaps similar to the initial reaction one could have when arriving at a party, event, etc., and seeing someone else in the same outfit, or giving the same gift, etc.

And honorable mention to:

vpvkociw: the v and k are silent (pronounced "pah-kew"). (verb) To nearly obtain an object.

boljmwnx (balge-wim-en-ex): the expunging of curvaceous females from one's existence.

cfecxr (see-FIX-er): 1. the act of repairing something that you just noticed to be in need or repair. 2. Telling someone that you've repaired a thing while speaking like Chico Marx: "She's a-fixed!"

hqlitv - High Quotient literary content: contains too many verbs.

xqfttpkt - "excuse me for taking packets."

awmma (aw-m' ma): any word mistakenly called "baby's first word".

craig kaye
qydbetve: common Brit slang for "quid bet eh?" e.g., I believe the distance from here to that sheep is 200 meters. Response: quid bet eh? how about 5 quid.

beabue: translated from French for an attractive baby, pronounced bay-bo

zjknfbi -- Special agent ZJ Kane, coming soon to CBS.

warren p.k.
rqqtalvi: apparently some new kind of pasta.

Phantom Scribbler
xweqs: Equus

Nice work, everybody. Now lets get those entries going for next week!

UPDATE: To get you going for next week:

kbcwaeye -- an ability to spot a French Canadian from a mile away (quebecquois-eye).

Yippee for me...I love honorable mentions!

What a fun contest that was!
Well done, Aging Law Student. I might actually start using "mjzrn."
I think you need a special award for the most number of entries. And I'm not just saying that because that would make ME the winner of that special award. No. No sireee!

qcddudz (KEW-see-duhdz): Items that have failed Quality Control inspection. (OK, so I'm on a teleconference with the R&D department, so it's actually relevant)
Nice new one, Wendy. But I think the "Lifetime Acheivement Award" is a bit premature.
Sweet victory is mine!

This is by far the most valuable prize I've ever won.

Kudos from Oscar Madison: Priceless.
sad to say, i just realized how we can all cheat! i was about to leave a comment, and saw my very challenging verification. changed my mind. later came back to leave a comment again, and this time had a less challenging verification ("oyvnfunx" or "oy! ve in funks!")

venue shopping move over. verification shopping has arrived.
You don't have a place for non-related comments, so I shall ask what happened to your sidebar. It fell down!

Also, thanks for the runner ups!! Woo!

bjeuevq: (bee-zhoo-vac) A tool for cleaning up the pieces of your broken bijou. These kinds of things always break.
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