Friday, February 10, 2006


Okay, it's official: Word Verifictionary Contest

In my ongoing quest (or perhaps "trolling" is a better word) to increase blog traffic, and to promote the practice of "word verifiction," I will be honoring my word verifiction commenters by awarding prizes* each Wednesday for the Weekly Word Verifictionary Winner. Those of you who have already played the game on this blog are entered for next week's contest. Enter as often as you like!

To get you going:

qpwdyj -- ("kwip-wittage") -- the degree of wittiness attributable to a quip or quipster.

*Prizes will be based on the "recognition is its own reward" principle.

I am commenting to laugh at your recognition award. But also to say that I wouldn't mind winning anyway :)

jndlayms (gin-lay-ums) - pj's designed specifically for laying around and drinking gin.
Everyone else gets a better set of random letters than I do. :-/

cfecxr (see-FIX-er):

1. the act of repairing something that you just noticed to be in need or repair.

2. Telling someone that you've repaired a thing while speaking like Chico Marx: "She's a-fixed!"
kckihvli ("kick-ee-heh-VAH-lee"):

a toddler always able to kick you where it causes the most pain.
awmma (aw-m' ma)-

An "awmma" is any word mistakenly called "baby's first word".

This word was invented in 1985 at a Denny's restaurant by two patrons. Sam and his wife Jean were seated across from a woman and her baby. The baby babbled "aw-mmmm-ma" while looking at a bright shiny object (Sam's wife insists and Sam understandably denies, it was most likely Sam Bodihi's balding head.)

When the baby finished saying "aw-mmmm-ma" the young mother jumped out of her seat and asked if anyone could confirm what she had heard: her baby's first word. Sam started to tell the young mother the truth, but Jean gave him a swift elbow to the ribs. To that, he said, "I mean, Yes! The baby clearly said "Ma".

Denny's patrons applauded with delight, the mother's face beamed of great pride, Mr. Bodihi is relieved to have narrowly averted an argument on the ride home with the Mrs., and the baby continued babbling incoherent things which are mistaken as real words by proud parents, words we now know as "awmmas".

Hmmm... I guess if I have to create a long story about my WVW (word verification word) it's not a very good one.
ps... apparently "awmmas" wasn't my WVW, since it got rejected. Doesn't that figure? My new WVW is: jxswpyn

I'm going home now.
otuhg -- Oh, too, gee ...

That initial, split-second, rise-fall reaction you have -- sometimes aloud, sometimes not -- to someone else doing that clever thing you were just about to do. Perhaps similar to the initial reaction one could have when arriving at a party, event, etc., and seeing someone else in the same outfit, or giving the same gift, etc. You get the idea.

Or: O Tug ... the beginning of a poem about the heroic tugboat. (Feel free to compose said poem.)
Epbkxmsp (Epi-book-xmas-pe)

The epic book given to you during a Christmas past that you still have not read, but tend to lug on vacation in the hopes you will.
dmbfklwz: This word describes the student who asks, at about week twelve in the semester, if it's still possible to pass my class even though s/he has missed 18 of 24 class meetings and has yet to write any of the three required papers.
This is really lame, but here goes...

kqqdi (KACK-ka-dee): a mythical songbird of Middle Eastern origin, known for its distinctive laughter.
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