Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Iced coffee wars: just a border skirmish


I saw these posters in Dunkin' Donuts yesterday, while buying iced coffee.

DSCN9143 DSCN9141

They're unmistakable potshots at Starbucks, but when understood in the broader context of the Iced Coffee War, they are not an attempted invasion of Starbucks territory. Rather than trying to raid the higher end Starbucks customers, these sarcastic slogans are plainly designed by Dunkin Donuts to build up an esprit de corps among its existing customers at the lower half of the coffee market. Dunkin is just firing a warning shot to protect its border. (Was it necessary? I don't see any major danger of Starbucks lowering its prices or developing a massive donut selection.)

Since the conflict has expanded beyond iced coffee to include hot coffee and breakfast sandwiches, the name "Iced Coffee War" has become a misnomer. But it's catchy, and it accurately describes my first experience of the war, so it's a keeper. Sometimes you just have to accept a misnamed war, like "the War of Spanish Succession."

If you find any of this confusing, here is a map graphically depicting the conflict so far.

iced coffee war

Cool graphic!

Next thing you know, Starbucks will be offering a side of curly fries with their vanilla decaf latte.
I think I have a direct mental connection with your blog. Although I haven't read in awhile, I have been drinking copious amounts of iced coffee lately. Then, today I log on and I see the plethera of iced-coffee posts. Eerie...
that's hysterical

akmle: almost the pinnacle
This demonstrates the importance of visual aides in education. I hope I'll have the opportunity 30 years from now to teach the historical epic that was the Iced Coffee Wars.

eyqks (eye-quicks): those furtive glances used to size up attractive people without them noticing you.
Tonya and Wendy: thanks!

Mariam: Yes, it's called a "mind meld."

Quinn: the problem with eyqks (for guys) is that we're inevitably busted by our female companions, who deploy their eyedar for the purpose.
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