Thursday, June 01, 2006


How would you like to be marooned on a European Cheese Island?


would the ship that takes you there feature sailors shouting "curds away!" instead of anchors aweigh?

fkmipdf - may i rewrite this one in a less vulgar form as lvmipdf for love my .pdf?
If I could be marooned with Wallace and Grommit, it wouldn't be so bad...

But would there also be Japanese SF monsters there?

annxpvk - annex pevek - a movement by dislexics to obtain an eastern Province of Canada for the United States.
Sounds like heaven to me.

Mmmm...European cheese island...
A beach of Parmasean, seashells of cheddar. Coconut trees of mozzerella sticks with cheese curd coconuts. Mmmmmmm....
Sara -- you may be onto a new song, kind of a dairy state version of Big Rock Candy Mountain.

uvxqtcr ("u-v-x cute car") -- a sporty convertible the provides ultra-violet protection even with the top down.
Only if I can take the walk-in cooler with me.
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