Thursday, March 23, 2006


A second chance opportunity

Watching a bit of the NCAA tournament on TV, I was reminded that televised basketball offers idiot commentators who talk about "second chance opportunities." As in "they didn't take advantage of that second chance opportunity."

"Second chance opportunity" is a fancy way of saying "rebound." Well, I guess more specifically, "offensive rebound." Even you basketball non-fans get the idea: the team has a second chance to make the basket after getting the rebound off their own missed shot.

Native English speakers among you are probably thinking, "second chance opportunity"? Why not just "second chance"? What is a "chance" in this context, if not an "opportunity"? Well, I'm with you.

Yet, I have a second chance opportunity right here, right now, on this blog. It seems that I missed my first chance opportunity to make a joke in my recent post about the cover of Chess Life. Go back and reread that post... now, please.

Okay. What do you suppose the chess-playing sergeant is thinking? For my money it's, "Bogart, I am going to make you my chess bitch."

I let you be the judge: did I score off my own rebound, or not?

Not a sports fan... sorry!

May I ask... what is in your glass? I have seen your comments at JRs place & I must know... it's killing me. : )

The Tart
Yes, you scored off the rebound. But I deserve an assist for making you think about college basketball.

ucqly (AUK-lee): unattractive and French.
Jody: It's iced coffee!

Neel: I would say "ugly and in France , and the French are saying so, but in English."
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