Sunday, March 19, 2006


Here's what you missed because you don't subscribe to Chess Life

Yes, this cover photo is just what it looks like: Humphrey Bogart playing chess with a U.S. soldier in 1944.


And I'm thinking, Bogey is getting his ass kicked. Tho' he can certainly put on a contemplative look holding that cigarette.

Also, if you didn't read the February 2006 issue of Chess Life, you may not know about this:


Jennifer Shahade, the author pictured on the cover, is a women's grandmaster, on her way to becoming an international master.

Please don't tell me you subscribe to Chess Life. Cancel your subscription and maybe you won't need to write those Existential Friday posts. (But don't stop, because they are my favorite.)

I cheated. I hit refresh 3 times, so don't submit this one for the contest:

yfnjy--Why Fun Joy? The title of a future Existential Friday post.
Humphrey Bogart is hot.
Would Jennifer "Pinky" Sh'hade be on her way to becoming Grandmaster if she had a less distracting hair color? And does she change it if she wants to, say, wear blue gloves and cami?

mnhfrr ("men have fur") - a failed slogan for a shaving products company.
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