Friday, March 03, 2006


Exisitential Friday: Casting update

My movie is an existential romantic comedy called "Reasonable Goals."

There's a tendency for people to want to cast actors who look like themselves to play them in the biopic. The extreme version is Tonya, who would cast herself.

I'm thinking of going in a different direction. I'll be holding auditions, but right now I'm thinking of casting an actor who resembles my self image. My people are talking to Oliver Platt and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

???? Someone needs to stage a self-image intervention. Those guys are always sweating.
For the record, I don't look a thing like Angelina Jolie.

I should probably change my movie title to: "What Were You Thinking?"
oooooooh. oliver platt. one of my favorites. who cares if he sweats. go for it.

xpjms ("x pjms") -- pajamas that cross the gender divide, as when he wears the bottoms and she wears the top (tho it is much more fun in the reverse!)
No. Please, NO! You simply. Just. Cannot.

1. Oliver Platt is already reserved to play my friend Vonorn, either in my film, or in his own biopic.

2. PS Hoffman looks way WAY too much like my second husband, He Who Shall Not Be Named (I'm sure you remember him?). So, you just can't. OK?

3. (and what's wrong with Robert Redford, anyway?)

P.S. I hate Angelina Jolie, so I'd never cast her in my film. So I guess it's Claudia Black, then.


hafmb: (half MB) having only 1/2 the amount of (digital) memory needed to do whatever it is you need to do with your computer, camera, MP3 player, or other digital tchachkes.
I love both Oliver Platt and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Nothing wrong with having a sweaty self-image.
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