Saturday, November 19, 2005


Two witty remarks

These were actually said this morning.

1) At the end of yoga class this morning, the yoga instructor tells us that he was watching an episode of Jeopardy recently and was surprised to see that one of the contestants was named Iyengar. It's not a common name in the U.S., and of course it put him in mind of B.K.S. Iyengar, who is one of the most influential yogis on the contemporary practice of yoga in the U.S. This dialogue ensued:
Random yoga student: Did "Iyengar" win?

Yoga teacher: Actually, he came in third.

Oscar: That's surprising -- I'd think that a yogi would be particularly good at putting the answer in the form of a question.
2) Walking home from yoga, B and I bump into a neighbor whose wife is up north deer hunting. (You need to know for this story that B is a lawyer.) The neighbor tells us that he and his wife have learned how to butcher the deer right in their own home and will get a several month supply of venison out of the kill his wife brings home.
B: I want us to learn how to do that. Can we tag along next year? That's one of those skills that's probably good to have.

Neighbor: You mean for the post-nuclear apocalypse?

B: Yeah. I figure we already have the law thing covered.

Advantage: B.

Dear Oscar,

I think deer hunting would be the perfect sport for you. You could go out and anonymously blow away a deer, akin to your blogging style. If you missed with your first attack, you could ignore whatever the deer does and just keep shooting.

In other news, I think your Jeopardy remark was quite funny. I laughed.
But to be good at Jepoardy!, you also have to be first on the buzzer. I didn't think reaction time was high up on a yogi's list of things that are most important. Of course, now I'm flashing on that Monty Python Quiz show skit with Che Guevarra and Mao Tse Tung...
Brian: I think it's very sweet that you feel the need to set up a nice compliment with a sarcastic insult, so no one thinks you're too mushy.

Wendy: Of course.
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