Wednesday, September 21, 2005


A dubious accomplishment

I've done it. I've crossed the 1,000 threshold in my email inbox. Guess how many are unopened and unread? [Answer below]

I've discussed this problem before: here and here.

What will become of me?

I share with you this poem from last November:
What happens to an email unread?
Does it harden and crumble like stale bread?
Or go funny and quaint, like the name Fred?
Could it search my hard drive like a hacker nerd?
Or just sit there and stink like a large dog turd?
Does it whine and whimper, or plead or goad?
Or does it explode?
Answer: 355!!!

Um, I've got some spare gmail invites, if you'd like to start fresh elsewhere.
Ha -- you are but an amateur, a poseur, an unsuccessful entrepreneur.

Although I recently went through my inbox and purged all of the easy-to-purge messages, I still have 9,267 messages. That doesn't count the messages that Eudora kindly shunts to folders for me.

It's just too difficult to predict which messages I will want to access in the future. For example, an undergraduate advisee wrote a negative review of my advising ability, with the crux of her complaint being that it was "to [sic] hard to get in touch" with me. It gave me great satisfaction to document that my mean response time to her many e-mails was 47 minutes; the median response time was on the order of 18 minutes. Yet who would have guessed, three years ago, that all of those "meaningless" e-mails about scheduling appointments, etc, would come in so handy.
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