Sunday, November 21, 2004


A disturbing milestone -- II

And what of those unopened ones?

Um, yeah, I forgot to mention these yesterday. About 40 of 'em. What can I say? I do a kind of triage by checking the sender and subject line. If it doesn't look super-important, I've been tending to leave it unopened for a few days. Why? Not sure. Maybe I'm afraid that they won't be in the read-and-delete category and they'll turn into snowflakes on the continuing accumulation...

What happens to an email unread?
Does it harden and crumble like stale bread?
Or go funny and quaint, like the name Fred?
Could it search my hard drive like a hacker nerd?
Or just sit there and stink like a large dog turd?
Does it whine and whimper, or plead or goad?
Or does it explode?

I go with explode, like dreams deferred. The sender probably explodes, too. I know I have on a few occasions.
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