Monday, August 08, 2005


More bee sting humor

Here's proof that I can be as witty and clever in real life as I am right here in my blog. The following dialogue took place during a yoga class B and I attended over the weekend, though that setting is pretty much irrelelvant to the story.

But now I have to mention that Jim, the yoga instructor, is very funny and is wont to banter and crack jokes during class while we're holding painful poses. Jim commented to B that she looked like her hamstring was tight and asked if she'd been doing a lot of walking.
B: Not walking. Running away from hornets.
Jim: Did they sting you?
B: Yes.
Jim: Did you go into anaphylactic shock?
Oscar: More like anaphylactic indignation.

is that better than anaphylactic awe?
Ex-husband and I used to live in an apartment building on Conn. Ave in DC. We had a parking space in the lot behind the building. Unfortunately for us, our space was directly beneath a tree that often left sap all over the roof of our car. When that happened, the car would be covered with a couple of dozen bees, hornets and wasps. They'd be swarming around the car and we were terrified of getting stung on our way into the car. Sometimes, when ex-husband was feeling chivalrous, he'd quickly jump into the car and then back it out of the space -- thereby disrupting many of the stinging insects. Turning on the windshield wipers helped somewhat as well. There were a few times when the situation was completely out of control, however, and we'd have to go get the garden hose and use the spray to shoo them away.
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