Wednesday, August 03, 2005


It takes a village to make a meme

Don't make me beg ... oops, too late!

I actually have no clue what it takes. All of my meme-making efforts have fallen flat. In fact, I can't help but notice that my blogger-friends-who-meme (and you know who you are) have almost (but not quite) unfailingly ignored my efforts to start a meme.

Do you have any idea what that feels like? It's kind of like saying to your peer group, "Hey, gang, here's a great idea. Let's put on a show!" only to get that understated, yet devastating, "what-a-dork" look. Don't you know a cry for help when you hear one?


I know. I try to hold contests every weekend on my blog and the party is basically me and 1 or so other. Some people could fart out a blog and 500 people respond. I don't know the secret. But I'll link to you if it helps :)
But... the memes you are trying to introduce are new words and concepts, and not some stupid quiz that people think are cute and pass around, like what used to be done via email or newsgroups.

The ripples you are trying to make in the pond are much more difficult unless you have sound bytes worthy of a popular TV sitcom.

It's OK. It took 20 years for what passed as my "angry fashion statements" to turn into "goth" (and nobody believes me anyway)
Okay, okay, I'll post a children's adventure fantasy thing on my blog -- but in exchange I expect you to post some comments on my blog. I AM NEEDY TOO!
I agree with Wendy. Your memes are brilliant, funny, and clever, but they are a lot of WORK. Many of us turn to memes as a sort of placeholder, to let our readers know we are still there and thinking about them even though we are too brain-dead to muster the coherent thought for a real post. Your memes, alas require quite a bit of coherent thought.

Now, if you just asked us to admire you, instead of emulating you, I suspect that you'd get many more responses.

An example. One of my favorite bloggers (who is on hiatus at the moment as she works on her diss) started a Statuary Friday meme on her own blog. Every Friday she did a long, well-researched, copiously illustrated post about a piece of public art. It was one of the highlights of my week. But so much work for her! As far as I know, Scrivener was the only blogger brave enough to attempt to emulate her. But plenty of us were hanging on her every word.
Ditto what Wendy and Phantom said.

Your cool memes require thought and a fair amount of brainwork. Sometimes (e.g., at 10:44 on a weeknight) I'm just too beat to attempt anything. Doesn't mean I don't read your posts. Just means I'm too much of a lazyass to try to post something fitting.
You do know a cry for help when you hear one. Boy, do I feel better. I love you guys!
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