Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Muffalleta, oh could you help me place this call?

What words or phrases that you stumble across in your day-to-day life make a song pop into your head? What song?

This happens to me not infrequently. Most recently: muffalleta, to the tune of Jim Croce's Operator.


I'm ashamed to admit my childish mind was entranced by the phrase, "waft of urine", which it caught in an Aussie news piece. This led me to rewrite lyrics for The Sound of Music:
Great! Now I have Jim Croce in my head all day!
with fear and trepidation, lest another round of harry potter bashing commence, i note for the record that "muffliato" is a new spell introduced in the latest book. it muffles the sound of a conversation so that two people can converse in total privacy in the midst of a crowd.
The problem is not Harry Potter. The problem is TANGENT. Let's get with the program!

Speaking of muffling a private conversation, who remembers the "cone of silence" from Get Smart?
(Raises hand from the back of the room)

Me! I remember the cone of silence! Get Smart was the best sitcom ever, bar none.
Clicked over from Phantom's whining meme to your unhappy not-so-meme.

Get Smart ruled. And I think muffalleta actually works better than Operator. On all levels.

As far as the songs go--I will often end up singing operatically with whatever comes to mind. It's fun, and it embarrasses my child, so it's win-win.
Raspberry sorbet -- the kind U find in a second hand store.
Raspberry sorbet -- the kind U find in a second hand store.
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