Saturday, August 20, 2005


Been too long at the fair

Some more images from My State Fair.

1. The Nauseator.


Motion sickness machine in the lurid amusement park section of the Fair. Question: how much time after your kid hurls does he say, "I want a cream puff?" Thank goodness for...

2. The Cream Puff Airlift.


You can board right at the amusement park section for non-stop service directly to the cream puff concession stand. It carries you straight over the livestock exhibitions, which you may want to skip after riding "the Nauseator." But here's what you'd be missing:

3. Question: Do rabbits make good house pets?



Answer: The people who know about these things house the rabbits with the chickens. What do you think?

4. If those chickens could talk with those rabbits, what would they be saying?

"Beef -- it's what's for dinner!"

DSCN4226 DSCN4225

Easy for whom?


Is that lift really for the cream puffs?
does that 'nauseator' rotate or something. being upside down on that thing would be horrible..
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