Thursday, August 18, 2005


"I hope your cream puffs are improperly filled"

This is what my brother-in-law Bill said to an obnoxious driver who cut us off as we were trying to drive out of the parking lot at My State Fair. Can you think of a more fitting State Fair curse?

My State Fair sells literally millions of cream puffs each year during the Fair's 10 days of operation.
"Celebrating 80 years of cream puff tradition"

And the efficiency with which they move the line of cream puff patrons should be studied by armies and any other institutions that feed masses of people.

I got on the end of this line and was served after a wait of five minutes!

The cream puffs really are that good. Imagine a delicately baked, savory Yorkshire Pudding, cut in half horizontally and filled, sandwich-style, with chilled freshly whipped cream that has just a touch of sweetness. The cream is so frothy and cool that it refreshes like the first swig of a glass of cold milk.

Specially trained workers form the cream puff production line.

Those filled ones on the rack will not wait long to find a home.

Okay, so my state is better at making cream puffs than T-shirts about cream puffs. And spelling.

those cream puffs look soooo delicious.. sad i'm half a world away from them. nice blog...
Oh, man, I would kill for a cream puff right now.

Does that t-shirt really say "My State Fair" on it? Or did you alter it in Photoshop?

And, those cow motif caps worn by the cream puff makers are really sweet.
your wish come true!

FDA Enforcement Report
is published weekly ...[and]contains information on actions taken in connection with agency regulatory activities.

PRODUCT Various frozen dough products, sold in bulk:

215. Filled Cream Puff

MANUFACTURER Rich Products Corporation, Appleton, Wisconsin.

RECALLED BY Rich Products Corporation, Buffalo, New York

DISTRIBUTION Nationwide and international.

QUANTITY Firm estimated 250,000 cases of product remained on market at time of recall.

REASON Products contain pieces of metal fragments.
"You can't beat um" on a "wife beater" shirt! Wonder if that was intentional.
I'm new to this town. I couldn't figure out what that guy was on the State Fair billboards when I first saw them. Only in Wisconsin...
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