Friday, April 29, 2005


How uncool are you?

While I was busy taking the "what kind of American English do you speak" blog quiz and thinking, "a blog quiz! What a fresh and novel idea!", Jeremy was fending off requests to take such blog quizzes as "Which STD are you?" Okay, so how uncool am I? Let's see:

How Uncool are You?

1. Did you think that blog quizzes were cool and link to them on your blog before you even realized they were promoted on a web site called Blogthings?

[rolling eyes] That would be "no." Duh.

Er... well, yes, actually

2. You are___:

The first one to know about a new blogthing

Not the first one to know about a new blogthing

The last one to know that there even was such a thing as a blogthing and that there was a website called "Blogthings" which offers “cool stuff to put in your blog”

3. Which blog quiz would you rather take?*

What kind of American English do you speak?

What’s your seduction style?

Which STD are you?

4. It is most important to me to know my ____:*

Porn star name

Stripper name

Penis name

4. How cheap are you?

I would not pay money to “be the first to learn about a new blog thing” quiz

*Please note that I am not making these up!


I'm so uncool I'm a "404 page not found" error. But I suspected as much, considering that I'm a Geek God. (I don't think one can be cool and a geek at the same time, unless, of course, being a geek is now "cool").

I prefer the non-blog quizzes (such as the Geek Test), and What's my Pirate Name? (Captian Jenny Bonney, if you must know), or even My Blues Name, which is Screamin' Eyes Davis.
Wendy, that geek quiz is one of the better ones I've seen (it has me at "total geek" while other geek quizzes have me in the "geek wannabe" range. I still get no points for meeting my husband at a debate tournament, and I think that should up my score considerably. And no questions about blogging, which seems odd.
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