Sunday, April 24, 2005


Sample this!

Apparently, instead of studying for and taking his final battery of law school exams, at Michigan Law School, blogger Samples Connection is goofing around with interesting web-based tests, like this one to determine your regional linguistic profile.

In another post, Samples Connection features one of the coolest maps I've ever seen. It's a U.S. map that apparently shows, county-by-county, the prevalent generic term for carbonated soft drink.

Check out test, the map and the blog!


Thanks for cheering up my otherwise dismal day. There's nothing like internet tests to bide your time and distract you from living. You rock.
The law students and I have been having earnestly discussing this issue for some time.

My post is here:

Tex's post can be read hear:
Having completed most of my finals and decided to take a study break to view recent links to my blog that I stumbled across your link.

I wanted to clarify that the author of Samples Connection is a she--I am curious as to why you presumed the author was a he?
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