Thursday, June 05, 2008


I'm badly mismanaging my Netflix queue

This morning, in conversation, I confused my "Saturn return" with "Mercury retrograde." I'm not even sure that I get a Saturn return. How dumb is that?

What I meant to say is that I'm badly mismanaging my Netflix queue.

Last week I got a copy of The Ten, a star-studded collection of vignettes based on the 10 commandments. It was truly awful -- essentially, sketch comedy that was not good enough for SCTV. At least I think so -- I couldn't watch past a minute into the second sketch. How they ever got the likes of Winona Ryder and Liev Schreiber to act in it I don't know.

But the point is: I don't remember ever putting that movie in my queue! Before that, I wound up getting two musical star biopics, Ray and Walk the Line -- have to see 'em because they were well reviewed, but expect to be bored senseless -- in the same shipment! And today, I received Six Feet Under: Season 1, disc 4. That's well enough in its way, except that what I wanted was Season 4, Disc 1!

Is Netflix taking their "based on your interest in __" recommendations a step further than I realized?


Maybe you were thinking of this film...
(from IMDB)

"This is a series of ten shorts created for Polish Television, with plots loosely based upon the Ten Commandments, directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski. Two of these, Dekalog 5 and 6, are shorter cuts from the feature-length films--Krotki film o zabijaniu (A Short Film About Killing) and Krotki film o milosci (A Short Film About Love), respectively. They deal with the emotional turmoil suffered by humanity, when instinctual acts and societal morality conflict. Written by Tad Dibbern "

Not as good, in my view, as the three colors films (White, Blue and Red) but okay and interesting.
Oh, yes. Collectivly they are called "Dekalog", and come on two DVDs.
You had your Saturn return at around age 28, unless you returned an automobile to the Saturn dealership at another time.

Mercury is retrograde for the next week or 2, and those of us who subscribe to things astrological will nod their head at your Netflix queue issues.

"Walk the Line" is actually pretty good, if you can get past looking at Joachim Phoneix's scarred lip.

And if you haven't yet seen any of the 2 seasons of "Dead Like Me" I recommend that over "6'Under".
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