Saturday, May 10, 2008


Even Newer Comments Policy

In an effort to eliminate one of the factors that has discouraged me from blogging, I will from now on be deleting comments that annoy me. If you find your comment having mysteriously disappeared, it will most likely be because it annoyed me. To the extent that I continue blogging, it's because I enjoy doing so, and not to read and sometimes respond to annoying comments.

Wait. You hadn't blogged since the end of February and you come back and the first thing you do is bitch about commenters?! That's rich.
I'm up for encouraging you to blog!

Let me suggest "comment moderation" as an alternative to deleting the negatives. I had a handful of people who ranged from mildly irritating to hugely annoying in their comment behavior. I would wake up and check the blog to see if any of them had commented. Usually at least one did. And then I would ponder how irritated I felt -- wnough to delete? Not enough? ANd then it struck me -- the entire EXERCISE is so unpleasant -- waking up, thinking that the comment already had poisened air space for several hours -- that I finally said enough. Moderation doesn't work for people who get dozens and dozens of comments, but for those who get a handful -- it really is a blessing.

And I finally said NO to anyone who does not sign their writing. A comment that's a tease from a recurring blog reader (whoever he or she may be) is less irritating than one from someone who wont even make up a blgo name for him or herself.

On the up side: I can't tell you how good it feels to blog regularly.

Welcome back!
Welcome back Oscar!

I have missed your mordant wit.

Please delete this if you find it irritating.
Glad to see you back! I really should figure out this RSS thing so I'll be notified when you post.
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