Monday, May 26, 2008


Clinton Unveils "Lou Gehrig Strategy"

".... and we all remember that it was early June, 1925, when Yankees first baseman Wally Pipp went down with an injury," Senator Clinton continued. "If Lou Gehrig hadn't been right there, ready to take over, if he had simply given up because Wally Pipp was the front-runner for the first baseman job, why, history would be very, very different. Gehrig was of course the greatest first baseman of all time. And that was, I believe, June 2, which is still some days off."
Apparently, the legend that Pipp sat out due to an injury (a headache, in fact), is false. But the point is about the distinction between a "gaffe" and a "slip of the tongue." The latter is something that a person didn't intend to say. A "gaffe" is a broader category that also includes poorly chosen words.

Watch the video of Hillary making the "Bobby Kennedy" comment. She was clearly in pre-fabricated "talking point" mode. It's just more of her bad campaigning.

So are we going to call the penchant for making these types of misstatements "Hillary Clinton Disease?" Gerhig is more famous for the affliction named after him than anything he did on the ball field.

eyygrt: n. (1) a young eygle. (2) That stuff you get in your eye first thing in the morning. v. (1) A lame attempt to get the word verifictionary game going again.
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