Wednesday, February 06, 2008


McCain Fails to Clinch Nomination

No Longer "Candidate of Certainty"

Romney, Huckabee both declare victory

Arizona Senator John McCain's campaign suffered a major setback yesterday as he failed to deliver the expected knockout blow to the insurgencies of Massachusetts Governer Mitt Romney and that guy Huckabee from one of the southern states.

Although garnering several hundred more delegates than his two rivals, McCain let the nomination slip through his grasp as Huckabee and Romney scored surprise victories in several states.

"The image of McCain as the annointed favorite has been badly tarnished," according to Republican strategist Lawrence Flunch. "The McCain juggernaut has been knocked off course, showing a lack of sufficient punching power to 'close the deal' that could prove a fatal weakness."
Just spinning.

Yeah, and Flunch is always on the mark, right?
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