Sunday, February 24, 2008


The man who deserves more credit for electing Bush than anyone other than Karl Rove...

... enters this year's presidential race. Can he succeed in getting McCain elected this time?

Hi Oscar,

It is indeed hard to see how Nader helps the progressive cause here. Nader is barely (if at all) to the left of Obama: So, why run at all then? If Clinton somehow manages to get the nomination, she is going to have a hard time beating McCombover. Nader taking a few critical votes will only insure that Clinton looses.

Nader is supposed to be such a smart guy. If he is, the only way it makes sense is if he is a closet-conservative.

He does look great for his age though--73 I think.
True enough. However, it may be true that one should never attribute to malice that which can be explained by stupidity. In this case, the stupidity is induced by Inflated Ego Syndrome, alias, whom the gods would destroy they first make mad, but I wish they'd hurry up with the destruction part.

@whom it may concern
And right here in San Francisco (well, across a bridge from here), we're one up as usual. When our pretty-boy mayor Gavin Newsom was first elected, all of us real progressives were rooting for Matt Gonzalez, a real progressive. Not to get into a dissertation on Newsom -- but recently when he came up for re-election, no one opposed him, not even Gonzalez. No, the good guy Gonzalez has proceeded to announce that he's Nader's Running Mate!

So we've (they've, across the bridge) got Nancy Shickenshit Pelosi AND a Naderite.

(Meanwhile, north of the bridge, we've still got Lynn Woolsey, the lady who invited Cindy Sheehan to the State of the Union. Marin County: Rich self-indulgent yuppies quietlly doing the right thing. Sort of.)
Is he also responsible for your disappearance??? Your readers want--no, demand!-- to know!

Hope all is well...
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