Sunday, February 03, 2008


"For us its Mardi Gras, but for you it's 'Super Tuesday'"

This is what the cab driver said to us on the way into Paris from Charles deGaulle Airport. Which candidate does he like?

"Obama," he said. "He represents something new, something different."

A nice way to boil it down. One of our friends, who we're traveling with, put it this way: "Voting for Hilary is like feeding the dog that bit you. You don't really know whether Obama is a dog that's going to bite you are not. But with Hilary, you know."

I found it inexpressibly irritating the way the New York Times kept running those profiles of the young Hilary Clinton featuring cute-as-a-button photos of her from her idealistic college and law school days. The idealistic Hilary is long gone. All she has to offer now is another round of cynical, centrist Democratic Leadership Council centrism. Dick Morris all over again. It's so '90s.

Of course, is doesn't matter, because, get this: Hilary can't win. The Democratic Party is self-destructive enough to hand her the nomination, and she may well win it with her sub-50% support among registered Democrats. But she has prohibitively high, intractible negatives, even among Democrats. And this country can afford another Republican administration even less than another Clinton administration.

Obama offers at least the possibility of vision and inspiring leadership. Obama for President.

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