Sunday, January 20, 2008


Who's next?

Friday -- Bobby Fisher.

Saturday -- Suzanne Pleshette.

Whose demise will round out this latest "celebrity three"? (Note: If you Google "celebrity threes," this blog comes up as the first hit!)

Often, you'll find some significant connection between two of the three celebrities who die within a short time of one another. The next one could be Bob Newhart -- Pleshette's fictional husband on The Bob Newhart Show. Gosh, I hope it's not Bob Dylan.

bob_dylan fischer1
They could be brothers: the two Bobby's,
born two years apart -- left, Zimmerman, right, Fisher.

What's the connection? According to "Bobby Fisher's Pathetic Endgame," five years ago in the Atlantic Monthly,
To generate income, however, [Fisher] resorted to selling himself to chess fans and curiosity seekers. The going rate for an hour's phone conversation was $2,500. Bob Dylan is said to have received a call from Fischer as a gift from his manager. For $5,000 a personal meeting could be arranged.
According to "", Dylan is "a rabid chess player and fellow religious recluse." The Fisher-Dylan conversation is probably in my top ten "conversations between famous people I'd be curious to have heard."

I'm posting this photo of Suzanne Pleshette to emphasize the point that she was rather hot at one time and that youth and beauty are fleeting. The obits tend to post this very recent photo of her. Actually, she wasn't bad looking for a 70-year old, in a Judge Judy sort of way.

She had a somewhat scratchy voice as a late-30/early-40 -something on the Newhart show. I'm guessing that she was a heavy lifelong smoker, hence her relatively early death from lung cancer.

UPDATE (1/23/08): Tuesday -- Heath Ledger. Huh??? Didn't see that one coming...

"Rather hot", hmm?

It's all in the exposed cleavage, eh? And she should be proud of 70 -- no mean feat. Gilda Radner? 42, and she accomplished a lot. It's not all in the final numbers, you know.

Congrats on the week of perfect puzzles. Too bad you're somewhat constrained here to talk politics, eh? Lots of good material in both races, but you're in a different place now, I bet.

For the record, I don't think the majority of Ms. Pleshette's charms necessarily were in her looks -- probably more it was the voice and mind. Fwiw.

And happy belated holiday.
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