Sunday, January 27, 2008


Bill Clinton...

... is really starting to seem like an ex. I don't mean an "ex-President." He's like the nation's ex-boyfriend from a long-term relationship that was ultimately disappointing and unhealthy for us. We still think he's fundamentally a good guy, and super smart, but his charm has become somewhat threadbare. We still like him. But, honestly, he's starting to act somewhat nutty. Thank goodness we got ourselves out of that one!

Why don't you just come out and endorse Obama, Oscar? ;-) Plenty o' room on the bandwagon...
If, in retrospect, you're going to call the 8 Clinton years "unhealthy", then what do you call Bush/Cheney and perhaps the next 4?

"Deadly?" or maybe you're just non-affected yourself in the Ivory Tower living the tenured good life come what may...
Yeah, it's got that feel to it, but Mary's right: Bill may have been a bad boyfriend, but by comparison Bush/Cheney are abusive psychos.
I am sure Oscar could chime-in here much better than I can:

I think mary and mr. verb are missing the point. Oscar has made it clear (in lots of other posts, like the one just below) how bad he thinks Bush is.

In this post he is not comparing Bush with Clinton, he is comparing how he feels about Pres Clinton now with how one might feel about an ex. It is like if he were comparing Fuji apples with Romes and someone piped-in with, "peaches are better than any apple". It may (or may not) be true, but how is it relevant?
Isn't it funny though, dpb, how oscar seems to be jumping on the "bad bill" bandwagon just when so many obama fans are?

It will be interesting the long cynical years we're in for ahead, imho, when the young obama supporters currently being whipped into a frenzy realize that no, change/unity/hope/dreams aren't just aren't going to cut it in fixing the mess we're in. Just like the 60s boomers turned cynics when they realized there was no magical fairy wand to wave to make the problems all go away, so will this "new generation" be disappointed when they realize their new savior just won't be able to deliver on all the promises he's making. (Instant withdrawal from Iraq? I'll believe it when I see it...)

No, oscar has the right idea. Find yourself a nice cushy job, summers off, take a sabbatical every few years right before election time when the going gets tough, then come back to collect your salary and complain about how the job's just not getting done.

Escapism is always easier than toning down the promises and rhetoric; blaming the "bad boyfriends" a more easier mentality than actually, you know, sticking around and educating promising law students for say, 2 semesters a year, for maybe 10 whole years in a row.

Golly gee -- that might actually be considered work, and why do that when you can just hop a plane and carp from a distance?

I'll remember you especially oscar, if the republicans pull off 4 more years because it was easier to split the party than to be honest about what's doable, and what's a fairy tale. (Say, weren't you out in sunny CA the semester before Bush got re-elected the second time, back when nobody could believe the Dems could lose that one? talk about history repeating itself, my friend.)

No wonder he can't post under his own name...
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