Saturday, December 15, 2007


A ravaged advent calendar


I totally get the charm of these Christmas season calendars: you open the tiny trap door marked by a number corresponding to that particular day in December and get a little piece of chocolate. It's a ritualized treat that keeps you going until Christmas.

It's great in theory, but I'm not one to be hidebound by traditional rules when it comes to chocolate. I'm somewhat rapacious when it comes to chocolate. With this particular advent calendar, I played along for 3 or 4 days, and then I said to myself, "It's my advent calendar, and I can eat it all now if I want to!"

I don't want you to have the image of me shoveling fistfuls of dainty chocolate morsels into my mouth all at once. It was really quite a civilized, one-at-a-time affair. Many of the pieces of chocolate were eaten together with these ginger-infused shortbread thingies which I discovered went really well with milk chocolate.

So why do I feel like Attila the Hun?

What religion are you? We've all got different means of mediating our guilt. If you're Catholic, you could go and confess. If you're Episcopalian, you could just buy a new calendar (or maybe a few, in case this keeps happening). I'm not sure how Lutherans deal. If you're outside the Big 3 of the liturgical denominations (do other denominations use advent calendars?) this could oddly make you more culpable as a transgressing tourist. More information is required!
Perhaps my memory is off, but I got the impression from a long-ago post that our host was Jewish. If so then I can only deduce that his partner is Christian and the advent calendar is hers.

Maybe Oscar feels like Attila the Hun because he pilliaged her calendar.
But she was the one worried about religious nuts launching an anti-semitic Jihad in the "Existential Friday" post of 2004. I suppose it could have just been out of concern for him...
A "ravaged advent calendar" like that features significantly in the film "Bad Santa," which I just watched and enjoyed. Hint: it was the titular character who did said ravaging. Bad Oscar!
You are correct, in that our host is Jewish. His partner comes from a Christian background, but has definite Eastern leanings.

Personally, I think he's exploring the more Christo-secular aspects of the Xmas season to see what-all he's missed all these years.

Oscar: It's not worth feeling guilty about the advent calendar. You put the surprise package from me under the tree without opening it.
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