Tuesday, July 10, 2007


One question answered, another posed


As correctly guessed by Nina and Brock20, our recent trip outside of Berlin was to the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. Specifically, to the town of Vis (a/k/a Issa to the Greeks) on the Island of the same name. (See map.)

How we got there, and what we did, to follow.

But first a question. I want to be able to say that I’ve now vacationed on “a Mediterranean Island.” Yes, I know that Vis is technically in the Adriatic Sea. But isn’t the Adriatic Sea simply a subsection, a neighborhood if you will, of the Mediterranean Sea? Like the Bay of Biscay is part of the Atlantic Ocean? B insists not – the Adriatic (and presumably the Aegean, etc.) is a “separate” sea.

I say you can rightfully claim you’ve “been to Manhattan” even if you spent your entire stay in the Upper West Side. It doesn’t mean there isn’t more of Manhattan still to see.

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