Thursday, July 19, 2007


No Coke... Pipi!

In Split, we had lunch on this lovely piazza while waiting for our ferry.

DSCN8277 Untitled-1
Our cafe, from our table, and from the Vis ferry.

In one of those "life imitates art, amost but not quite" moments, I ordered a "Coca-cola" and was given a bottle Pepsi. What was disappointing to me was not the switcheroo, but rather the failure of our Slavic waiter to say, "No Coke... Pepsi!" (For those of you too young to pick up the reference, it's John Belushi in the "Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger" skits on SNL.)

But my disappointment was fully redeemed a couple of days later, at a beachside cafe on Vis. I ordered an "Orangina," ubiquitous in European cafes, and the waitress said, "We do not have Orangina. We have 'Pipi.'"

Pipi -- a competing orange soda drink that appears to feature none other than Pippi Longstocking as its brand icon. Look at the pigtails!

DSCN8711 pippi12
Left: Pipi today. Right: as a youngster.

Clearly, Pipi has grown up. Is it just me, or has Pipi turned out a bit ... slutty?

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