Thursday, June 28, 2007


Oskar Madison hat gesagt

So says my blogger comment function. Just getting online in Germany for the first time, I haven't figured out how to translate my Google-based functions back to English. Can't remember from last time.

(I exaggerated only sligtly -- it didn't translate "Oscar" to "Oskar" -- but otherwise, all the framing language is German.)

We'll talk again soon!

Gehzundheit! I have now exhausted my German vocabulary.
Guten Tag!
First off, in Dashboard (if you're using the same version of Blogger I do), there's a box on the right, under "Mein Konto", where it should say "Sprache". Switch from "Deutsch" to "Englisch" and you should be good.

Second, German names show some orthographic flexibility — I've known Germans who spelled themselves 'Oscar'.

Have some herring for me.
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