Monday, June 18, 2007


Fame inflation

To be culturally literate, it's seeming more and more like you have to know who the top contenders are on American Idol. That sort of thing comes up more often in conversations and crossword puzzle clues.

I have no interest in ever watching American Idol or knowing anything about the winners.

I have no interest in knowing that Paris Hilton is a person rather than a hotel, though even I can't avoid hearing about her latest travails -- She's going to jail! She's not! She's going to appeal! She's dropped her appeal! She's in jail! She's out! She's in again! She cried!

The problem is this: it used to be that you could wait them out, and they'd be gone, these fad people, these human Pet Rocks.

But what used to be 15 minutes of fame has expanded to 20 -- and counting.

Interesting topic. You would think that our collective attention deficit would shorten the length of fame, not expand it. But I like your theory.

That sort of thing comes up more often in conversations and crossword puzzle clues.

Doesn't that seem like bad crossword puzzle writing, then? Current events and new pop culture are off limits, I thought.
You dis AI, but your previous post was about Top Chef, which is just AI for people who like food. Or something.
That said, Paris Hilton _is_ a hotel.
Could be that the reason AI contestants have more than their 15 minutes is because they aren't going to see much of the money - all they have is the fame... they signed it all away to Producer Simon (not the one on the show) before they auditioned. You should take a look at the contract they make them sign. It's sickening.
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