Saturday, May 19, 2007


Crazy game

The Mets 10-7 win over the Yankees was indeed a "crazy game," as the announcing crew said in the wrap-up, but the craziness includes the following features that escaped the broadcast.

1. Oscar's mental telepathy, #1: When David Wright came to bat for the second time, after hitting a home run his first time up, I had a sudden, firm conviction that he would have at least one more home run. "Wright's going to hit a home run," I said to B. "But he already did," said B. "No," I said, "another one," at which very moment he hit his second home run.

2. Oscar's mental telepathy, #2: Okay, not so "crazy"? What about this: I'm listening to the Mets radio webcast. While the TV announcers are terrific, the radio announcers are painfully, aggressively bland and boring. I think, "Geez, why don't they hire a woman color commentator just to shake things up a bit?"

I decide to switch to the Yankees broadcast, on the theory being that it will be more entertaining to hear the Yankee homers whining about the fact that they are trailing (at that point) 6-2. Little did I know that, since 2005, the Yankees' radio color commentator has been Suzyn Waldman, the first woman to hold such a job in MLB history.

3. Yanks lose touch with reality: The problem with rooting for the Yankees is that winning starts to seem so normal and ordinary that when the team is lousy, like this season, Yankee fans -- and their broadcasters -- lose touch with reality. The Yankee broadcasters said, "the forecast calls for rain, but so far we haven't had a single drop." Funny thing was that moments earlier, the Mets announcers mentioned that a light rain had been "falling steadily" since the game began and, when I switched back to the Mets broadcast, they again talked about the rain and gave "wet field" as the explanation for why Jose Reyes slipped coming out of the batters box. A quick check at confirmed the Mets' version of the weather.

Whatever, happens in tomorrow's series finale, the Mets have taken this series (winning the first two games), which means Met orange-and-blue lights on the Empire State Building.

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