Thursday, April 05, 2007


(Organic free range) Eggs for breakfast

I had eggs for breakfast and, lacking a cereal box to read, I read the egg carton.
"A good source of PROTEIN"
That's one of the milder marketing boasts you'll ever see. Have people forgotten that eggs in fact are a source of protein? Hmmm.
"Our free range hens are fed a 100% organic vegetarian diet."
That's is more like it. Though I have to admit that I felt a bit... defensive, as I imagined more hard nosed acquaintances mocking me for "overpriced, politically correct" eating habits. As in:
Hahaha, your chickens are organic vegetarians! I bet they drive Priuses and handmake all their clothes from hemp!
In case that mocking thought is in your mind, however, I ask you what it says on your egg carton. If your egg carton was as matter-of-fact as mine, and if there were truth and justice in the world of advertizing, your egg carton would say something like this:
Our hens are fed a diet of 80% meat and meat-by-products. They eat intestines, beaks, combs and claws of other chickens! They eat chicken brains! It's all ground up into a brown sludge, and then we throw in some dried corn. And a few feathers. They love it! You like eating chicken don't you? So why shouldn't they? Oh, and some horse hooves too.

They sit in a cage all day unable to move, and if that doesn't make them fat and tender enough we pump them so full of estrogen that even you will get PMS, even if you're a guy! How cool is that?

Okay, maybe not so much, but it's cheaper than the other eggs.

Your pretty right about a cage hens diet - and even some so-called 'free range' hens.
Claims of free range 'vegetarian' is a load of hooey as well because any free range hen sllowed outside will eat worms, spiders, grasshoppers and any creepy crawlies they can find.
We run a small free range farm in Australia
and our hens are never locked up. Each flock is protected by its own Maremma guard dog.
The hens are fed a diet of natural grains, with no meat meal - they find their own meat.
Okay, the way you phrase it, it does seem pretty gross to eat regular eggs now. On the other hand, if hens are fed 80% meat by-products, isn't that kind of like recycling? Those meat and meat by-products would become landfill and instead are put to productive use because of recycling.

Oscar. Are you against recycling? Say it ain't so!

Best Regards,

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