Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Insult to injury

One of the little indignities we well-fed people all suffer is the occasional compulsion to buy food that we know will be really bad and overpriced because we're a captive audience. At the airport, of course, or for me, the lunch stand in the law school buidling. The least objectionable food today was a ham and cheese sandwich that looks like it was made by a sullen 12-year-old, with two slices of ham and one of cheese slapped between two large, floppy slices of bread. No nuthin else on it. $3.75.

And how's this for holding down labor costs: The sandwich wasn't even cut into halves. What is it about holding and biting into an uncut sandwich on bread shaped like this

that makes it taste like a slab of recycled paper?

Well, I'm impressed that they took the trouble to position the cheese between the two slices of ham. Could have easily just slapped down the two ham slices together and then the cheese. Give credit where credit is due.
I think you're going to my husband's Alma Mater. Do they still only let you take one napkin?
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