Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Blogs are weird. Or the internet is. Or maybe it's just me.

Let's review the facts:

Last autumn, I fell into a prolonged blog depression, one that may yet prove fatal, and trail off blogging to about once every week or two.

A brief flurry of travel blogging from Israel in December failed to snap me out of it.

My loyal readers gradually and understandably slipped away. And so... traffic hits an all time high. I'm now averaging 250 hits a day. On Monday and Tuesday of this week, I had 350 hits.

What the...? Closer analysis of the "entry page" data shows that only about 10% of hits are to the first page in my blog, compared to around 50% in my heyday, suggesting the traffic comes clicking through from links.

And what links? According to the referral page data, virtually all of my traffic now comes from Google image searches.

So basically, my best-ever blog hit numbers represent random internet noise. Maybe Google did something to tweak its image search function. Maybe I've posted a critical mass of photos that elevates my Google Image presence.

What does it all mean? It means: you're not reading this.

No, I am reading this. Just not very reliable about commenting these days.
Relax, Oscar, the regulars are reading (maybe some still returning to the fold, though) ... you're just picking up lots of extraneous traffic. I confess, I did stop coming regularly when you weren't blogging regularly, but you're back on now and I'm back.

Besides, isn't it valuable to have people checking out the images?
I'd comment more if you restored that word verifictionary game.
what phantom said.
...following up on PS, my RSS reader has been faithfully keeping up, though that bypasses your Site Meter (it makes the Site Meter data less useful than usual, but that's another matter).

Otherwise, the gradual accumulation of links from well-linked blog pals (or, in your case, a certain colleague who need not be named), in conjunction with resisting the temptation to delete one's whole blog in some fit of blog despair, eventually makes the Googleborg think we're relevant.
What fun comments!

Tom, let's just refer to the colleague who need not be named as "Yahweh."

Okay, everybody come up with a definition for my WV word, "rorkmo."
My theory? Mets fans are finding you from the Shea Stadium pics you posted last year.

Your WV:

rorkmo (ROARKE-em-oh): the HMO on Fantasy Island.

My WV:

oncapdx (ON-cap-dicks): a Pez-like dispenser for condoms.
Not creative enough for word verification fun, but just here to say I'm still reading, too.
I'm always here. You're one of my faves. I loved the pictures of the ice.
pzhuzgxd--please (as in pu-lease) god (as in shouldn't type god's name) keep blogging
rorkmo - what Mickey Roarke wishes his fans would ask the studios for.

nxoixaw - (pronounced "nix-oy-chow") What the Chinese fed Nixon.
I was going to write, "Yeah, what Voxwoman said," but then I got to your comment.


rorkmo--An alcoholic drink served in the trendier bars on planet Ork. It's surprisingly similar to our planet's own Cosmo drink.
I'm here.
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