Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Wish I had my camera

In which case I'd have snapped a photo of the back of the car in front of me at the stop light. It sported these bumper stickers:


Um.... why doesn't Jesus love your cat?

Oops, I can't say that, according to the Supreme Court.
Well, if Jesus loves me, and I love my cat, then I'd say the transitive (?) property applies and Jesus loves my cat.

That is, I'd say that if I were that bumper sticker person.

In reality, I know that Jesus is a dog person. Jesus loves my dog. He tolerates cats.
I've never laughed out loud before re: the internet. Now you've ruined my track record. I pride myself in doing nothing that can be emoticoned.
And my cat is pissed. I promised him that jesus likes him but just not in that way. But he's not convinced.
Maybe the cat is gay. And Jesus don't love gay. That's in the Bible, right?
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