Tuesday, February 06, 2007


My life as a rock star -- continued

Today I thought my Evidence class was, as Larry David would say, pret-ty good .... pret-ty, pret-ty, pret-ty good.

For two hours -- two hours! -- I had moved smoothly around the large classroom with my portable clip on-mike. Teaching the class. Nobody was surfing eBay, as far as I could see. And I was wearing my best suit. I thought I looked pret-ty good.

Until, just after class, out in the hallway, one of my colleagues touched the cuff of my suit jacket, to show me that a pink laundry tag attached by a safety pin was visibly sticking outside the edge of it.

"You lost a few cool points there," he observed.

Perhaps, as the rock star you are, you will now set the trend. Everyone will wear their dry cleaning tags on the outside of their clothes. And anyway, who likes to take those suckers off anyway? Rock on.
It is now imperative that you pin various tags, cards and ticket stubs to the sleeves and lapels of all your jackets. And then you can tell your colleague that he's lost some cool points for not sporting the tags...

vqeszy - the nausea felt during a szyzgy.
I know you've stopped doing that word verifictionary thing, so of course, the word verifications I'm getting are hysterical, or at least amusing. Like this one:

ugldy - an unattractive female.
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