Sunday, January 14, 2007


Testing my latest theory

Okay, I heard this theory from someone else, but I'm considering adopting it, if it bears up under testing.

When entering a warm house or building from a cold outdoors, do you prevent or reduce eyeglasses-fogging bywalking in backwards?

Maybe the other side of your lenses fog up first?

Couldn't tell you. I got LASIK.

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1. No. I would refuse to accept this theory as true even in the face of a double blind study.

2. Even if it is true, the chances of a broken hip, sustained because you tripped and fell while walking backwards, is prohibitively high.
I haven't noticed fogging of glasses except when putting on sunglasses that have been sitting in the freezing car overnight.

The trick is to avoid breathing on them, and walking past boiling teapots.

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