Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The state of the union ...

... is okay, I guess, given that we have the worst president in U.S. history. The "w" presidency combines the domestic policy of Herbert Hoover with the foreign policy of Lyndon Johnson. Though maybe that's unfair to Johnson. Let's say the foreign policy of William Westmoreland.

We're not in an historic economic crisis at the moment, but history may look back at this administration's "pretend it doesn't exist and maybe it will go away" policy toward global warming with a judgment at least as harsh as on Hoover's timid and doctrinally hidebound responses to the Great Depression.

The high watermark of the Bush presidency was that period when people felt all patriotic and virtuous for submitting stoically to having to remove their shoes at the airport security checkpoint. A great legacy indeed.

Is there any grim satisfaction in the poll numbers which now reflect that over 2/3 of the country thinks the Iraq war was a total mistake and that the country is heading in the wrong direction? Not so much. What do we know now that we didn't know at the beginning of November 2004? It's really not satisfying that the muddled middle 15-20%, the swing voters, needed two years after the election to see the obvious.

I couldn't stand to watch it for more than about 7 minutes after w started talking. Despite the broadcast being assigned as homework for the kid. I kept waiting for him to say anything of any substance whatsoever or to say anything that wasn't a platitude or cliche. Or for them to shut of the "applause" light. Anything.

I'm going to disagree with the last paragraph, in so much that the past two years have brought increased violence to Iraq and more deaths, both US and Iraqi. The escalation of the violence I think is one the triggers in the turn against the war. Sure, there were deaths and killings two years ago, but the rate at which they are coming is massively higher.
Also, and I cannot prove causation on this, but the above is directly related to the number of people in influence: news media, politicans, and, most importantly I belive, service people coming out against the war.
When my almost 90 year old grandmother tells me, "They (the Iraqi people) don't want us over there." There has been a full dissemenation of information to the people. (Side note: My grandmother didn't vote for Bush, and wouldn't have in a million years, but her quote only goes to show a kind elderly woman who watches only basic TV news has figured it out, then the information has trickled down.)

Oh and as for me, I watched Gilmore Girls, which used to be one of the best shows on TV but since the creator left has taken a step back.
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