Friday, January 26, 2007


My life as a rock star: cold beer... dirty girls


My continuing rock star lifestyle takes me to Las Vegas, where I'll be headlining at the UNLV Boyd School of Law.

Oops, that was earlier today. Sorry, show's over. A short run. I'd tell you how it went, but, you know: what happens in Vegas....

I will say this: you have to like a law school that gives conference participants rubber dice with the school's name printed on it.


Really, the only other concession to "Sin City" made by the law school is that they put us conference speakers up at a casino hotel. When I checked in, I wanted to clarify that the law school was covering the cost of the room that night. The front desk clerk said, "yes, you're being comped for the room."

I found it strangely charming, to be "comped" as if I were some sort of high roller blowing thousands in the casino.

My stepson gets comped in Atlantic City frequently. Apparently it's not that uncommon.

Too bad the law school didn't give you fuzzy dice to hang in your car...

wrpcott: Disney's Epcot center in deep space.
OK. I DEMAND that you bring back the verifictionary contest!!!! Wendy's word and definition, pure gold as Moral would say.

bnwwrpjb-- instant karma word for being inappropriately demanding.
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