Saturday, January 27, 2007


Excerpt from the definition of "pathos"

[Dispatch from Las Vegas]

Right this moment, I could go over ot the "Field of Dreams" sports memorabilia store at Caesar's Palace and buy an baseball autographed by Pete Rose.

Wait, it gets better. Rose himself is there, autographing the balls, from 12-6 today and tomorrow (he was also there Thursday and Friday).

"Rose poses for pictures and addresses baseballs directly to you," and each ball includes the following message:


What really makes this whole thing too sad to be funny is the thought that he can take the money he gets from the sales and go straight into the casino.

I freakin' love Pete Rose.
You made this up, right? Please?

Was this part of his community service or something?

jqnjhil - a couple of kids that went up a hill to get water and suffered some horrible disfiguring accident.
Okay the EXTRA SAD part, I have to tell you (I hope this doesn't ruin the novelty of the experience) is that Rose has actually been there, in that same place, doing that for months. Literally. And every day they hype it up as if he just got there and he's just leaving. Its kind of.... pathetic :(
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