Friday, January 12, 2007


Ear lifts

While watching Top Chef reruns the other night, I was enthralled to see an advertizement for "ear lifts."

The ad started out with a succession of video clips of middle-aged and older women illustrating a voice-over text about earlobes that are "sagging" and "drooping" under years of gravitational pull from dangly earrings.

I felt strangely vindicated by this phenomenon. I am a veritable Cassandra when it comes to dire warnings about what happens to body piercings and tattoos in old age.

I'd describe for you just how the "ear lifts" purport to check this worsening earlobe droop and extend the earring-wearing life of the user. Unfortunately, I missed that part when I ran screaming from the room as they started showing women whose earlobe holes have been progressively stretching. But you can see it for yourself on their web site.

I made the mistake of clicking the link to the ear lift website.

EWWWW!!!! When your ears burn tonight, it's not because you are yourself in need of ear lifts, but rather, it'll be me cursing your name due to the inevitable nightmares I will suffer tonight!

Funny post, though.
Ear lifts? Couldn't be talk about Top Chef? How about the new host. I like her. Salman Rushdie is a lucky man, well at least in love if not in fawtah.
I found a product called Pierce-Mates at that does the same fix but at half the price and with much quicker delivery.
Pierce-Mates are easier to handle when applying them since the medical grade adhesive is first applied to a hard plastic disc. This made Pierce-Mates easier to hold and apply.
I saw that ad watching another show. You know what it looked like to me? skin colored surgical tape that had been pre-cut into a circle. Seemed like a lot of money for something you could create yourself pretty darned quickly.

Bandaids would probably also work and be a lot cheaper.
awjil - what you say when Jill falls down the hill.
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