Thursday, December 14, 2006


Oscar Madison, international man of mystery

Surely, a trip to New York and New Jersey doesn't merit all this boasting about travel blogging. So where am I going that I've been so secretive about?

Clue #1:


Clue #2:

It's currently 12:30 p.m.

Clue #3:

The "security questions" asked of me included what was the name of the Temple I attended at the time of my bar mitzvah.

Wow, I didn't realize flights to Seattle would be so hairy. (One would think you were traveling to Israel!) Are you Californian? I hear they don't like us too much up there.
Is the list an SAT test? Which of these airlines doesn't belong with listed destination? If you said Malaysia to Stockholm, you win!

In the old World War II movies, they used to show the GIs asking an approaching stranger questions to determine if he was another GI or German. They usually involved who played first base for the Dodgers. When I see that now, I wonder with the information age and dominance of american culture, what would they ask?

For part of the world, now I know.
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