Wednesday, December 13, 2006


New Jersey wildlife

Travelling alone, I can stop the car to snap pictures like this:

Birds on wire, Iselin, New Jersey.

This flight of pigeons (no, not a murder of crows) looked like something out of Hitchcock's The Birds.

DSCN9713 DSCN9717


They would randomly take off, the whole flock of them, circle around a couple of times and then light back on this set of wires.

Cat at back service door of hotel, northern New Jersey.

This is just a cat hanging around the back service entrance to my hotel. I couldn't resist posting a cat picture -- just to be popular. Looks feral, though, doesn't it?


It's too clean, fluffy and fat to be feral. For sure, the birds are though.
Apparently you just missed the starling migrations - they blow through neighborhoods, and it looks like the trees have leaves again for a few hours.

And be glad of the cat - I'm sure it keeps the rodent population down around the hotel.
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