Saturday, December 09, 2006


My comeback? Travel blogging ahead


Soon -- very soon -- I will be traveling to new and exciting places and blogging about them. Places that are new to me, that is. There will be the neat photos and quirky observations you've come to expect from these pages. Stay tuned -- very tuned.

Whoa, Oscar's back! And with the little paradox of coming back figuratively while you leave literally. Hurrah -- for your return and for little paradoxes.

And just for old times sake: verification: vbmfqa. 'vb' can only mean 'verb', but I don't like the obvious interpretation of the rest ...
Travel blogging! My favorite! I'm glued to my monitor in anticipation!
Three passports?! Are you a secret agent? Stay away from Putin if you are.

Glad to see you back. I was hoping it was just back to school craziness that was keeping you from your daily rounds.

Going to Boston by any chance? The wife and I are moving there the first of the year.
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