Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Since when is a Senate race political?

Joe Lieberman, on being sent packing in the Democratic Senate primary, blamed his defeat on
"the old politics of political partisanship."
The elegance of the phrase notwithstanding, what can this possibly mean? The demagogic demographics of decadent democracy? Isn't it simply a matter of "you can't keep flipping the bird at your constituents and expect to win, however much the deck is stacked in favor of incumbents?"

Lieberman, all eloquence and grace, goes on to say:
"For the sake of our state, our country and my party, I cannot and will not let that result go unchallenged"
referring presumably to his announced intention to run as an incumbent. What party would that be Joe -- the victory party you didn't get to have? I love how he sees a move that will split the Democratic vote and hand the seat to the Republican challenger as helping the state, country and party.

Just move on, Joe. You're done.

Well, joe-mentum turns out to be no-mentum, happily, but the problem is, he won't just move on. Just heard what sounded like a rumor, that Rove was offering to help him. That answers any lingering questions, if it's right. Wouldn't it be a hoot if Lamont carried a three-way race?

Another name on my 'public figures I never want to hear from or about again' list.
Nice kiss-off.

The chances of the Republican winning in November are between slim & none. None if Joe doesn't run and slim (if that) if Joe does run.

Chances are better than even that if Joe runs he will win.

Only 33% of voters in Connecticut are registered as Democrat and he got just shy of half of these votes in the primary. Whatever of these votes he looses in the Fall, he will likely make up with Republican votes--it being assumed that very few Republicans will pull for Ned--and they know that their guy doesn't have a prayer (or rather, that is all he has since he has no money nor name recognition). The real fight will be over the independants who are 45% of the voters.

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