Monday, August 14, 2006


Public service announcement

You know me: I don't do this sort of thing (much), but today I'm making an exception. I thought yesterday's post on attending a Mets game was a particularly good one. It's funny, and you don't have to be a baseball fan to enjoy it. And it has some good photos.

Yet it garnered only two comments -- one of them from me!

Have you read it yet? Have you?

Hi, Oscar. I agree, it was worth a read, very funny, although I was horrified at the butt crack. Makes you want to just squirt ketchup down there. Or at least a drop in a well-timed ice cube.

Homeboy Mike Piazza gets a certain amount of respect from us Phillies fans, but I'm glad you all finally found your own self-respect and quit cheering for him after his HRs.
Well, sheesh, Oscar. It WAS great post with great pics, but ...

You fixed the typo in 'verklempt' before I had a chance to give you a hard time about how it looked like a word verification form.

And the Mets-related picture on featuring Fidel Castro was already way down their blog before I could have commented (but keep scrolling, and you'll find it.)

BUT, since you asked ... the Urban Dictionary does have a controversy over whether 'verklempt' is 'fake' or 'real' Yiddish. I checked the small Yiddish dictionary I keep at home and found the verb from which the adjective has to come from (farklemn, in the roman spelling given there) in a very very similar meaning, with farklemt given in an idiom even closer in meaning ... surely any full-sized Yiddish dictionary would have this word. (The German word given in the UD really means something a little different from the definition given there, and way different from the Yiddish -- more like 'repressed' or something but that's kind of another story.)
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