Saturday, August 12, 2006


Eye food for thought

It’s undoubtedly it’s huge, densely-packed population that makes New York a true world capital for people watching. Just from raw statistical demographics, they offer more of everything. Not everyone is nice to look at, but a high proportion of people are interesting to look at. If someone really hot is “eye candy,” then what do you call the legless little person wearing a muscle shirt to show off his rippling arm muscles, who rolled by me on the subway car in a wheelchair?

Of course, New York is Eye Candy Central, especially in warm or hot weather. It started early on this trip, at My Smallish Midwestern City Regional Airport, where the attractive 30ish woman with model-good-looks on line at the newstand, wound up in our departure lounge and then right across the aisle from us on our plane.

When we got the airport bus stop for our bus to the subway in Queens, another, we found ourselves standing around with another, younger model – a real multi-racial beauty, in a blank palette of a face sort of way, someone who looks like those magazine stories of how people will all look in our integrated society of the future due to racially mixed procreation.

I wondered whether we would be getting a model escort all the way to our hotel, from one of these genuine “models, this is also a competition for you”* model types.

It turns out we didn’t get this escort, but the waitress at our late night dinner at the 24-hour Ukrainian restaurant was an extraordinary eastern European beauty – waiting to be discovered and whisked away from this dreary life, no doubt.

With the trip only a few hours old – still on the first half day – I’d been busted by eyedar so many times that I may be facing a cumulative life sentence.

*What Heidi Klum says on Project Runway, just before one of the models gets kicked off the show.

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