Thursday, August 17, 2006


The capital offense on Project Runway

I can't believe they booted Alison from Episode 5 of Project Runway. For the first four weeks, she made consistently good designs, and she screwed up for the first and only time in this week's bizarro challenge where they had to make dresses out of recycled garbage.

Vincent showed us his endearing side in the first episode: required to work as a team with Angela, he basically refused to speak to her or let her touch his design, and then blamed her when the judges (rightly) trashed it. His designs are always bad and have been picked as one of the three worst by the judges in each of the five episodes. And he always says how great they are! He's either a stubborn BS artist or mildly delusional. And he's not even a fun character to watch on the show. How many more pieces of ugly crap do we have to see from him before they get rid of him?

So why did they ding Alison rather than Vincent, whose dress looked like a rolled up piece of paper with little scraps of paper clinging to it? Basically, the judges thought Allison's garment made her model look fat. This is the equivalent of an automatic elimination on Project Runway. You knew it was over for Alison when Heidi said, "Would I rather wear something ugly that is long and thin, or something that makes me look fat?"

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